About us

ERIGO Kereskedelmi Bonyolító Kft.

  • Date of formation: 1991.
  • Address: 1094. Budapest Páva utca 22.
  • Phone: (+36-1) 2612325
  • Fax: ( +36-1) 4310973
  • Mobile (+36) 30-9505329 Rigó György
  • 30-4912859 Echter Erika
  • E-mail: erigo@t-online.hu

Our main activity is the retail and wholesale of gifts, but to our domestic partners we also import various textile chemicals, pumice of volcanic origin and nickel sand for wearing tailored clothes.

We run our book and gift shop in Hungarian National Museum / 1088. Bp. Múzeum krt. 14-16 /. It has a significant supply of gifts in addition to the wide range of books and publications related to the professional activity as well as permanent and temporary exhibitions of the museum. This is a reference shop of Haban ceramics and jewel treasury illustrating ancient Hungarian symbols that go back to the rich source of finds from the migration and Hungarian conquest periods.

The original pieces of Haban ceramics were manufactured in the 17th and 18th centuries, and they are considered a rarity throughout Europe due to their special forms and ornamentation. In addition to preparing replicas of art works in the museum, we also illustrate the 300-350-year old Haban motif treasury on objects also having a utilisation value, and meeting the taste of modern times. All pieces are hand-painted. The product range of Haban ceramics includes approximately 150-170 pieces, most of these are continuously sold in the museum shop. We also sale to dealers at wholesale prices.

The product range of jewellery includes several hundreds of pieces. Some of them are of silvered, less expensive design, however, their silver versions may also be purchased. The silver jewellery collection in Secessionist and Art Deco style, constituted by approximately 150 pieces of brooches, ear rings, medals, colliers and rings is also worth mentioning.

The museum shop also offers various types of postcards, reprint placards and posters.

Children are not forgotten either: we offer them various soldier figures made from metal, board games, and reproductions by Károly Reich.

In addition to our supply of folk music CD-s, the choice of hand-painted porcelain products manufactured by Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture, and the special goods of a Dutch-French company offering painting figures embodied in plastic art works and sculptures should also be mentioned.

In the museum shop you can borrow exhibition guide audio material – audio guide – for the permanent historical and archeological exhibitions in English, French and German.

If you have not visited us yet, please have a look at the photos representing the offer of the shop – just to feel the mood.