Jewellery offer

The supply sold in the shop may be divided into two main groups.

  • Our ancient symbols are embodied in the jewels going back to the rich source of finds from the migration and Hungarian conquest periods. We offer almost 100 types of medals, ear rings, hair plait discs, bracelets, key rings in the less expensive, silvered design. Most medals and ear rings – along with the rings – may be purchased in silver version as well. We also sell hand-sewn leather bags that are decorated with elaborated-patterned, silvered plate left to us by our ancestors. Leather belts with metal studding are also included in our product range, making it more versatile.

  • Our silver jewellery offer in Secessionist and Art Deco style is extremely rich. We sell medals, necklaces, ear rings, brooches, bracelets and rings as well. In most of these the manufacturer also uses black onyx and Swarovski crystals, which make these master works even more glowing and elegant.